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Ice Cream


Ice Cream Perfection

Hello there. Thanks for looking us up. You can use this web site to purchase our Ice Creams (we always capitalize it), confections and baked goods in our Web Store or look up grocery stores wide and far carrying our products.

You may see different flavors at times because we only use fresh, seasonal ingredients. In fact, our Ice Cream is so good and unique because we use only Jersey milk and we make everything ourselves from scratch. Many folks who can't drink regular milk can digest Jersey milk just fine. You can learn why here in the section About Jersey Milk.

We also have an Ice Cream Shop in Mill Valley, California we hope you'll visit.

Why It's So

When Mr. Honeymoon experiments with flavors, or does anything really, he likes to ask "what would be the best?" Most people just want their Ice Cream to be delicious, and getting it is a treat. That's fine. Some people want to know more, so we're happy to tell you. This is for you.

Honeymoon is the richest, creamiest Ice Cream possible. This is because we make every decision to use the best quality ingredients possible. Really. Unlike every other Ice Cream maker, we use fresh, local Jersey milk.

Jersey milk comes from Jersey cows. The cows who give us milk like in Tomales, California on the border of Marin and Sonoma counties. All our milk comes from the same herd who live on beautiful green hills close to the Pacific Ocean. Just where Mr Honeymoon would want to live. Learn more here.

To get the best possible taste the way Mr Honeymoon wants, we use the freshest, local and seasonal ingredients from people we know. Just like our cows. We make all the jams, oats, biscuits, candied nuts, carmels, toffees to find in every pint of Honeymoon Ice Cream.

"One of the nations best."

— Saveur Magazine



Mr Honeymoons

If you're going to do a thing, do it well. That's not always easy in the food business. People want cheap, stores want to cut corners, but we've worked very hard to bring our friends and family the best Ice Cream and other treats we can make. Everything is local, fresh and organic. Every part of every product we make is concocted, cooked, sourced, made by Honeymoon.

Honeymoon Sr. started experimenting with flavors and Ice Cream a while back. What could be more fun than making your favorite thing well and making it for the people you like and love? These days he makes the Ice Cream along with other treats with a handful of kind folks who work alongside him. They share in the joy of the work, the products they make, and the profits. We use glass jars because we want you to have something useful and reusable.

We're based in Mill Valley, California. Our Ice Cream is sold across the western United States in good grocery stores.